Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Our first date night...

So sadly G Kisby has to return to work today but we have had the most lovely time as a family this Easter, getting lots done in the garden and going on some good day trips.

We also finally had our first 'date night' - just G Kisby and I out on our own. We left Mabel in the capable hands of her Granny, who kindly came over to babysit. I wasn't really nervous about leaving her but did feel apprehensive about getting her off to sleep and settled for Mum before we left. And it turns out I was right to be. We kept to her normal routine but rather than happily drifting off after 10minutes or so, Mabes was having none of it. I swear they know. It must have been the first time she didn't go down on her own for about a month (could she smell my perfume?)

Luckily after a second lot of boob action she succumbed to tiredness and we managed to leave feeling fairly confident that Mum would be o.k in our absence.

I'd been really adamant whilst pregnant that I didn't want our relationship to change and felt strongly that we retained an element of 'us'. As it happens our relationship has changed but only for the better, and date night proved that. We had a fab meal at The White Hart (http://www.thewhitehart.co.uk/), didn't stop talking / laughing for a minute (not about baby stuff, that is banned on date night) and only text home once. We may not get as much time for evenings like that but in some ways it makes you appreciate them more.

It was also really nice to get dressed into something which didn't require boob access (unfortunately for G Kisby it was a high neck all the way just because of the novelty), put on more make-up than normal (don't get me wrong I still do a bit of blusher before leaving the house but rarely of late stretch to a lip gloss) and I even squeezed into those skinny jeans (yes they looked like jeggings, no I couldn't breathe with the button shut and yes I regretted forcing said button as I shovelled in that chocolate pudding 2 hours later).

And Mabel didn't even realise we'd gone (though you still obviously feel a bit of parent guilt that you enjoyed yourself so much without her, when does this guilt thing end man?)

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