Friday, 15 July 2011

So many changes!

A little bird told me that I would see loads of changes with Mabel around this time. She was absolutely right!

She is sitting up pretty much unaided (we've had a few nose dives but she seems to be getting better at dealing with them. Either that or I am not making as much fuss anymore)

She literally babbles on constantly and we are hearing lots of new sounds (yaya and da da are favourites. Nothing on the Ma Ma front yet but I continue on in vain. Come on Mabes...)
And she is LOVING her food. Banana goes down a treat (I had to stop tonight even though she was banging her hands in protest, she can't be eating more than half a banana surely). Yes I know she should be on carrot but lets face it banana is far quicker to whip out when you haven't remembered to defrost one of those blasted blended cubes. Yes I know it is only week two, she will be on ready meals before you know it (I joke Granny)

And she gets the joke. We had a battle over taking her bib off tonight and she thought it was too funny yanking it back from me with her chubby little fist.

Love it!!!!


  1. Ooh, your little lady is so gorgeous, I remember telling cuckoo that my little lad didn't like banana (when I was weaning him), she was like 'really'!! so insisted I try again and mashed some up and the whole lot was gone and he's never looked back!! yum

    It's very special when they come out with their first words, da da is usually the first, enjoy every moment hun


  2. A little bird hey? Ah she's full of crap, don't listen to her!!!

    I always fed my babies till they wouldn't open their mouths. Somedays they'd eat. Some days they wouldn't. Actually thats a lie. My eldest never ate, my no.2 never stopped, not got there with no.3 yet. He'll be normal no doubt! Well, fingers crossed.


  3. Ha ha - the joys of weaning! My three were completely different - big n would eat anything I put in front of him (as long as I put it in his mouth for him, lazy toad), middle n gagged like a loon whenever I came anywhere near him with anything green (he still does actually) and baby n eats like a demon as long as she can do. it. her. self. thank. you. very. much.
    Emily x

  4. Awww, bless her, she is a proper cutie!!

    Do beware with the bananas my eldest went through a phase of refusing to eat anything unless it had a banana whizzed up in it (including roast dinner, I kid you not!!) - now he won't touch them!!

    S x

  5. OMG I SEE YOU (and me...) in that first picture!!!!
    Of course she'll be a good eater - there isn't a bad eater in the family. Not a one.
    Fee x

  6. ps - another comment meant for you on Emily's blog!'s like a three way converstion!

  7. Mabel is just delicious! It was lovely to see you over on my site, I do hope you will call back and enter my Teething Bling Competition!

    Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy


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