Monday, 11 July 2011

More lessons on motherhood...

Last week I learnt a number of new things (as I do constantly with this parenting malarkey)...

1. Not to buy a high chair, or indeed any large object which you can't carry, whilst alone with a baby. On a whim, in Toys R Us, I got carried away with myself. I paid for said large object, sauntered over to the collection point where the lady passed me a huge box...ahh, not sure what I'm going to do here.
"Ooh I can't carry that and push this pram" I realised out loud
"And even if I put the pram in the car, I can't carry both a baby and a box, can I..." (yes I admit this was almost a question.
"Do you do a carry to car service?"
The look on her face said,
"Are you kidding me, have you seen the queue, I am here on my own, what do you think?"
I gave her my very best 'I'm a new mum and may well cry if you don't help me' smile,
"I'm literally just outside the door" I attempted (I wasn't obviously but there was no way I was going to say otherwise, I'd be lynched by some of the slightly dodgy looking characters behind me).
"Right, come on then", she managed to say through gritted teeth. To be fair she was actually lovely under the circumstances!

2. When babies have a cold they sometimes don't take to their milk. One night last week we had a full bed change, and no not because I still haven't been doing those blasted pelvic floors. Snotty nose, lots of sneezing, huge gulps of milk, sit up to wind and whooosh. The torrent was so loud that G Kisby woke up (or was it that his OCD has some sort of night alert system that kicked in?) Lovely.

3. You are always best to get looking for child care as early as possible. People told me this, I knew this, and yet I seemed to be in some sort of weird new baby bubble which has only just started to pop. We now have the added stress of finding somewhere with the right vacancies as well as somewhere which is right. I'm just not sure what the solution is to this, I genuinely couldn't have dealt with it that much earlier.

G Kisby is on holiday from work this week so we are spending some quality time together, doing some good family trips out and visiting childcare options for when I return to work.

We've both committed to spending less time on the internet and more time talking (this doesn't count - he is in the shower). We started this commitment last night with a baked Camembert, crusty bread and a large glass of red wine or two...yum yum and yum!


  1. If my memory weren't so bad I'd give you a few pointers to get you through the next few months, Mabel is at a big changey age so be warned your learning curve will be so steep it'll touch the moon! Ummmmm, let me think, weaning.....High chairs are impossible to get clean easily. Get some of those bibs with arms on and put it on her after she is strapped in. Then pop a bib with a catching pouch on over the top. Orange baby food really stains. So treat your own clothes soon as you get anything on them. Finally don't leave bibs and clothes sat around in the washing pile for longer than a day (maybe you are on top of your washing mountain, I am not) or the food goes mouldy!!! And that wont ever ever wash out.

    Got I'm serious today, just ignore me!


  2. OMGoodness - get cuckoo with her useful suggestions! Thinking maybe I should leave some rather than just sarcasm!!!
    fee x

  3. I'm glad someone else isn't do their pelvic floor exercises not nearly enough! They're just so easy to forget..!

    Luckily I had the hubby with me when we bought the highchair.. although we didnt think about how bulky it would be and had walked into town instead of driving, so needless to say.. he ended up walking behind me looking like a donkey with the highchair box on his shoulder!

    Ashley xxx

  4. Pah - I laugh in the face of pelvic floor exercises. wa ha haaa (oops, can't laugh too hard or I'll wee...)
    Emily x

  5. That Camembert looks yummy!!

    Have found your blog via Cuckoo and have become a follower, even though I am not entirely sure it'll be good for me - my youngest (we have two boys) starts senior school in September and I am very, very broody (apologies to Cuckoo/Fee et al if you're reading as I am sure you are sick of hearing it!!)

    Mabel is gorgeous!!

    I want a pink one too *said in brattish, sulky voice*

    S x


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