Sunday, 31 July 2011

A lesson learnt first hand?

So G Kisby nipped out this morning to gather supplies for our Sunday lunch with friends we haven't seen since before Mabel was born (he cooked fish stew with lots of fennel and large Gruyere croutons. I made gooseberry crumble with fruit from the garden. Yum)

And as he went to leave the house I noticed something alarming...
"Are you not taking the nappy bag?" I shouted after him as he left the house
"No I won't be long" came the reply


Apparently length of time is relevant. Actually, even if it was (it isn't, that baby can poo 3 times in an hour), she hadn't yet pooed all day. So the odds were not good. He was planning to play poo roulette.

"Seriously. You're not taking it?"
"No. I never do when just nipping out."

Now I don't know if this was true or he was trying to cover up the fact he almost forgot the nappy bag but I do think that he was then planning on leaving the house without it.
Hmm what to do? A small part of me said, "let him go, you'll only learn that lesson once"
Another part said, "harsh...", and yet another bigger part said, "...on your own child if nothing else".

So I insisted the bag went. But thinking about it afterwards I actually think he would have been just fine. G Kisby is very rarely flustered and somehow never gets in quite the mess that I do.

If it was me, I'd have gone to the toilets, taken off the nappy, only to then realise I didn't have provisions and had to put poo nappy back on. Or I'd have panicked and tried to call the AA or some other emergency back up (there should be a nappy support for new parents?) Or my first thought would have been to head to the safety of the car, then try and fashion a nappy out of my cardigan (that actually would be possible wouldn't it...if needs be? Note to self, always wear a cardigan).
G Kisby meanwhile would no doubt have just sauntered over to the nappy aisle, picked up the things he needed, then meandered over to the baby change. 

He would be in a supermarket when this occurrence happened. One other thing you need to know about G Kisby is that somehow he always seems to have that sort of laid back good luck. G Kisby would learn his lesson (or not) in a supermarket. I would find out in a church. Or in a restaurant with no change facilities. Or a car (why so many incidents with nappies in a car?)

So in fact it wouldn't really have been a lesson learnt first hand after all. And when I asked G Kisby what exactly he would have done when he returned (no poo having taken place notably) he answered, with as much nonchalance as expected,

"Well probably just have come home and changed her?"

Oh yeah...or that! 


  1. Brilliant! (Cue snort of laughter). My most notable baby poo-related incident involved a front carrier, poo running down my leg into a puddle on the floor OF A SHOP (not, sadly, a supermarket), walking back to car with poo streaming down my trouser front, changing baby in car with THREE wetwipes and NO change of baby clothes. I got a large amount of poo of the baby, none off myself, wrapped her in a muslin square, strapped us both in the car, drove home, dignity in shreds, and put us both in the shower. Happy days x

  2. "Poo roulette" is sooo entering this household vocabulary right now!

  3. Yeah I love this post! I play Poo Roulette. It definitely livens up one's day! You could start taking bets too, hee hee!!!

    Ah lovely little Mabel. She's so cute. I love her name.

    My brother used to eat his own poo. And worms. And ladybirds....thought I'd share that with you.

    Much love

    x x x

  4. Thanks for the laugh! Unfortunately, we have the same kind of luck...

  5. poo roulette? used to play it when taking Alfie swimming. He was still only pooing once a week at this stage and when it came it was something to behold...but not something you'd want in a pool!
    fee x

  6. I love this post! It's exactly what my husband does... he doesn't like to take the chaging bag out with him because it's too floral (Cath Kidston) and so prefers to risk it. He also sounds just as laid-back as G Kisby.. I always have the bad luck!

    Ashley xxx

  7. I have far too many poo related stories that I NEVER EVER leave home with out several packets of wipes and about 10 nappies stashed in the car, seriously, I have found poo in my ear before now!

    Actually Kmmms had a poo incident here just two days ago, involving her 2 year old getting in my baby's bumbo and the poo squeezing up and out of the top of the nappy. Not a nice sight or smell but V funny!



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