Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Now here's something I didn't think I'd be saying...

Why do these...

When you can just wear these...

(Pls note that the first photo was me prior to pregnancy...ha ha I joke obviously. Neither are me and never will be)

Why didn't anyone tell me this before? Oh that's right, because previously I didn't need to (do appreciate that I was pretty lucky in that, really wish I had appreciated that just a little bit more before it all went wrong).

O.k so they are fairly unattractive (but after G Kisby caught me in the kitchen squeezing milk directly out of my boob into Mabel's bowl of porridge the other day, I'm pretty sure that is no longer an issue. In my defence it was too thick and she was getting mad waiting for it. Apparently, the scene was way worse than that of the cow milking breast pump.)

And you can't breathe with them on (or you can't with the size I bought and the fact I've double layered with support tights)

And there is a slight issue that they seem to push the baggy tummy skin up towards my boobs which creates, well less of a muffin top, more of a kind of sausage roll effect.

But they allow me to wear the very unforgiving red dress to Vicki's wedding this weekend (G Kisby's little sister gets married on Saturday, very exciting).

I'll post some photos following, if said pants don't allow me to wear red dress respectfully please don't say will be too late!


  1. That's hilarious! Have you ever used a hospital breast pump? It actually reduced me to tears (though that's not hard when you've got a small baby and breasts like bricks).
    I too tried the big pants, but found the way my flesh escaped around the edges just too depressing...
    Have left you an award at my blog
    Emily x

  2. never leave home without them - otherswise my tummy has a life of its own and moves independantly!
    Incidently - think the tightness is due to the fact we buy them in the size we WANT to be - as opposed to the size we are. Some of my smaller ones give me fat knees they are so tight!

    Bit confused about the fact you can't believe you're buying big pants NOT the fact that you squeezed milk into a bowl of porridge (AND got caught!)
    see you saturday!
    fee x


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