Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hormonal tears...

We were meant to be seeing the midwife this week but a small incident involving the car and a clutch got in the way. The clutch has been very heavy for a while and making a large squeak- G Kisby had been reassuring me that there was nothing wrong.
So as I drove into Huddersfield, about 10 mins early for my appointment for once, I wasn't surprised to hear a large snap and the clutch pedal go completely loose. My lack of surprise did not mean a lack of distress as I tried to roll away from the junction to a semi safe spot (which happened to be a bus stop).

Curses that we went for that cheaper insurance policy that doesn't give us a courtesy car and means you get through to some nowty woman who won't accept that you can't give her an exact street name. A bus driver then shouted at me for being in a bus stop and a parking ticket attendant started to try and give me a ticket. Poor guy was then faced with a waddling pregnant girl on the verge of tears explaining that she really needed to wee and her car had just broken down. He literally backed off.
Then I cried. Can't recall the last time I cried in public, had to call Gaz who was clearly at his desk and trying desperately to move away from anyone before consoling his crazy hormonal wife (as if I cried!) Weirdly Mav went a little bit crazy and did a load of kicking. I have read somewhere that unborn babies do react to a change in emotions (I think the study was done though on earthquake victims though so not sure it would be strictly right to compare the two).

Eventually I was towed to a garage and given a hefty bill for a car that couldn't actually be fixed. Why are cars so expensive to run?
On the positive, the peddle box was apparently close to snapping which would have meant brakes and all so could have actually been dangerous. And as I was waiting for the unfixable car to be fixed I did pop over to Matalan in the retail park across the road and pick up a great door mat for project porch for just £5. So every cloud...

Gaz went back to Manchester so that Mum could save the day for us again by lending us her car. I can't tell you how grateful I am that in the freezing cold this week we are not having to wait at a bus stop to get to work.

Mav's movements have changed noticably the last week or so. Much less kicking and full on turning. Now there is just an uncomfortable pushing of limbs which creates hard lumps that come out in random places. Can't actually see which limb it may be, when I try to grab one or prod it there is immediate withdrawal. G Kisby has started actually campaigning for the name Mav for real by the way.

Anyway will update on NCT class tomorrow. For now it is time for a hot water bottle in bed with the apprentice...

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