Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mav learns Riverdance!

30 weeks and 3 days it has taken Mav to learn Riverdance. Good timing I'd say since he / she now hasn't really got the space to practise. Twice today I have had to get up and walk around to try and get some settling down and a bit of comfort (and also to make my way to the cake sale for Children in Need of course - doing my bit - it's all for the kids man).

We have had such a busy weekend that I haven't got round to updating our blog. G Kisby has continued to strip the hall and stairs - now with some urgency since the plasterers (and baby?) are imminent. I, in the meantime, took on 'project porch' which involved clearing, cleaning and painting the entrance to our house. It has been annoying me for ages since you walk into a lovely kitchen through mess. It took slightly longer than I'd hoped, partly due to second coats of paint being required, but I also did stop late afternoon so I didn't leave myself completely exhausted (looking for some praise). It is nearly finished and looks much better.

We are at NCT tonight for 2.5 hours of breastfeeding. Gaz has re-checked the schedule twice as he is quite bemused how we can spend so long on the subject. I will blog again tomorrow -there are sure to be tales to tell.

Oh and lastly, our Birmingham friends who featured on the blog earlier, had baby Freya at the weekend after a 'marathon' labour. Looking forward to one of those. So pleased for them (and a little more nervous still for us!)

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