Thursday, 11 November 2010

NCT classes start...

I had a quick trip to the hospital yesterday to get an Anti D injection. No real hassle, just a quick stop in and not at all painful.
Then it was off to our first NCT class. For once it wasn't me who wanted to leave at the last minute and by 7pm (the start time) we were still driving up and down a dark road in Brighouse looking for the right address. We finally both tumbled into a room with around 6 couples sat in a circle introducing themselves and quickly gave our apologies.

It was an interesting first session. We talked about what wanted to do over the next 6 weeks then the men went into another room whilst us girls looked at some of the biological aspects of pregnancy up to this point. The good thing is that, bar two couples, we are all due around mid Jan to mid Feb, so can talk through things happening to us at this moment. It was interesting to hear about how your intestines can move up to a ft to make space for your baby and how raspberry leaf has been shown to 'tone' those important muscles used within labour.
Finally we went through 7 cards showing the stages of labour (there are stages!?!) We learnt about a 'show' and some of the decisions to be made along the way. It was more of an introduction than anything else but actually really interesting. We agreed on the way home that we are both pretty laid back about the whole thing (and that G Kisby is lucky to have such a low maintanence pregnant wife).  It was also good that Nicki, our trainer, really doesn't preech about any particular type of labour and is keen to stress that everyone is different and makes their own mind up on which direction to take. We'll no doubt have some more thinking to do at some stage - in fact I then woke up in the night with a busy head full of baby things. Not labour, just I think an ongoing realisation that we are about to have a living baby for whom we are responsible. The group are really nice and hopefully we'll make some new friends.

Today I over did it. As a HR floor we were painting a youth centre in the centre of Bradford as part of us building community links and giving something back. I wasn't sure whether to go or not but decided in the end to drive (rather than get the coach) so I could leave early (as if). I was on refreshments and created 'Hel's caf'. It was good fun but I did pretty much make tea, clear rubbish and then make tea again for 8 hours. I didn't feel it at the time but tonight I am tiiirrred. My legs and shoulders ache so I have had a nice bath and am heading for an early night - hoping that I am feeling better in the morning so can go swimming (need to prove I can still do the same number of lengths!)

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