Friday, 26 August 2011

Understanding of the term 'no'

In the interest of positive parenting (reinforce the right behaviour / remove from the situation / blah de blah) I am trying not to use the word 'no' too much with Mabel. I don't want to end up standing in a precinct somewhere (probably smoking) eating / feeding a Greggs pasty whilst shouting 'no' to a child who barely notices my existence.

However, with her new desire to grab EVERYTHING I find it coming out my mouth before I can help it....

As she goes to pull off the beautiful, no doubt highly rare, single flower as we walk through the 'butterfly jungle experience' yesterday on a trip out - Nooooo

As she pulls my glasses off my face when I have just cleaned them for the fifth time - Noooo

As she shoves yet more rice cracker than looks physically possible into her mouth - Noooo

Galt Soft Play Playnest & GymMy 'no' tourettes were at their height yesterday when I popped my head round the sitting room door from the kitchen to see her balanced precariously on her hands, legs in the air in a kind of hand stand, coming over the side of her baby doughnut ring thing (as per one seen here).

What exactly was I hoping to achieve? Did I think...
a) She knew the meaning of 'no' in the first place
b) She would even listen to me if she did
c) She was able to think, "o.k Mummy, you have a point, this is just plain dangerous, I will get myself back in". What she was probably thinking was, "shut up saying that word constantly and come and help me man, I am in a proper pickle here..."

Whilst feeding her dinner the other evening she even starting shaking her head at me. Oh no. So I have started nodding and saying, "yes yes yes" regularly in a bid to balance it out! Clearly she thinks I am nuts...

We are off to Wales this weekend for some outback, no technology, den making, walking, eating, wine drinking, good old fashioned family fun. Can't wait!


  1. I'm surprised both my kid's first words weren't NO! It's a tough juggling act trying to keep them safe but using positive reinforcement!

    Enjoy your holiday! x

  2. "No" Tourettes - love it! I have a definite case of it!

  3. Ha! How funny if she did actually think 'come and help me, man!' ha ha! Bless her, you'd be worried if you weren't having to say no all the time I'm sure.

    Your weekend sounds proper bonzer. Verrrrry jealous (but have you seen the weather reports? Sounds character-building!).

    Nicki xx

  4. Hi, just found your blog. I say no quite a lot too, I think it just slips out! My little one is almost three and I think the word sometimes makes things seem more fun, but she is pretty good most of the time. If they are about to stick their finger in a plug socket, there isn't much else you can say!
    Your trip to Wales sounds lovely. Have fun. x

  5. Finally I am here for a good old read. Bliss, but first, I need you to email me so I can email you along with a few other bloddies.


  6. Do you know what. I HATE the positive parenting brigade for this "No" issue. It's bonkers. I think as long as you say 'yes' often and smile and praise then it all balances out. I bet our Mothers never felt bad for saying 'no' to us and we are all fine. I think you do very well and I think Bollocks to never saying no. Sometimes it really is the only thing you can say.

    I hate how all these new rules and regs make us perfectly good parents feel like failures. I'm on a rant! I'll shut up now.



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