Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The 7 month itch...

Our bambino turned 7 months old today.

We celebrated by having our first dunking experience in the pool - she just looked completely bemused.

She is really enjoying swimming, I think it gives her an outlet for all her energy rather than floundering on her tummy like a beached whale (I am quite happy for her not to crawl just yet but she now gets onto her front from sitting up but is then stuck which leads to a frustrated cry. I pick her up. She does it again. I pick her up....)

It has been a tough few days with teething and a complete lack of daytime naps. Twinned with a new wake up time of 5am and therefore my own tiredness, not a good combination. 

Sometimes I then find by the end of the day I've been so caught up in the sleep battle and the entertainment of a grouchy baby that I'm frustrated and fed up (though still very much aware of just how lucky I am).

After a useful chat with G Kisby last night I have readdressed the situation and given myself some self help:
- Stop and step back from the situation
- Consider all the options, don't just plough on if something isn't working
- Yet again, trust my instinct
- Stop being obsessed with sleep

Today was much better! It is the hardest job I have ever done man but also the most rewarding (always the way, no pain no gain).

So what else has changed at 7 months...

- She is a big fan of her food. The photo below is from when Auntie Fee fed her primula and white bread followed by banana and custard. I tried to give her some aubergine at the same time. She pretty much laughed in my face. The other shows her eating brocolli (just to balance it out).

- Although not crawling she can make her way round a room using the 'back to front to back' method or a 'reverse worm' approach. She is desperate to move (literally rocking when sat on your knee). She has also just learnt to pull herself up to standing on your leg. She likes to use G Kisby's leg hair for leverage which makes me smile.

- She is very ticklish and extremely determined (batting your hand away when cleaning her face / eating cousin Luca's head despite his protestations)

- We are still completely amazed by how much she changes month by month....


  1. She's so super cute and I'm sure once the teeth come through and she's bombing around she'll tire herself out and she'll sleep better. Just focus on the positives at the moment, she's loving her food and obviously thriving on it. x

  2. why would you type the words 'Auntie fee' and 'primula and white bread' together for all to see???
    To balance it our I'll take full credit for the photographs!
    looking forward to the weekend...natch
    fee x

  3. Hee hee re you and Fee. Primula...the very word makes me sick. I hate tubed cheese, it's just wrong, but now I know you use it, it kinda makes it cool and ok!!!!!
    I too was obsessed with sleep so I feel your pain. The Prince woke for up to an hour every 1-2 hours til he was a year old. I - to this day - do not know how I survived. It was hell.
    I'd look at people who'd had 8 hours sleep and hated them!!! Even more soon if they dared to yawn.
    Re my post today, the McDonald's was a separate meal to the burger and chips. The burgers I did at home on Monday, today was the Drive Thru. And like you I better do a post with them eating broccoli. Not not Primula, not just yet....
    x x x x

  4. Goodness me she is a clever little baby. At 6 months none of my boys were doing any of the above. Lazy little slugs!!!! You should have seen Mini with a spear of asparagus today....he has not got a clue that things can go in his mouth other than his fingers. Funny little onion.

    Very hard not to be obsessed with sleep when you're tired and you know if she doesn't get enough she'll be crabby. I'm just the same. I'm also rubbish at entertaining small beings. I'm gonna be great when my lot are teens (I hope!)



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