Saturday, 7 July 2012

New blog - hooray!!!

After numerous frustrated sighs, impatient finger taps, lost posts and battles to find anyone that could help, I admitted defeat.

Nelly's Eggs is no longer my live blog. It is saved & stored to look back on in the future as a wonderful record of all that happened in 2011 (realised that you can export your blog and save it on your hard drive so although hopefully still here I feel better knowing it is backed up too). 

And (repeat line one up to 'I admitted defeat') I finally have a brand new blog. Annoyingly this means that I now need to link up again with all my favourite blogs, but if that means I can post pictures and write again so be it.

If you are still interested in keeping in touch you will find the stories continue at Not Just Nelly.

Hoping I will hear from you there...

Nelly x