Tuesday, 31 August 2010

P.s Velour is out!

Caught sight of myself only last night, slouched on the sofa, munching my way through pretty much an entire bag of popcorn (salted) in a grey valour dressing gown and realised that Fee was right, slippery slope indeed.

I am back in the sweat pants and a slouchy jumper (to be fair neither option being hugely attractive) for now and have promised myself I will save the dressing gown for moments of weakness e.g extreme cold conditions.


Nothing wrong with some life planning...

So after a long bank holiday weekend of decorating we finally got round to looking at what we need to prioritise over the next few months.
Just over 20 weeks now until our baby is born and lots still to do. Starting to feel a wee bit overwhelming.
Only last week I mentioned the idea of a project planner to G Kisby who replied, "Oh my God, this is it." "This is where I leave you." Harsh.
Anyhow, after spending 3 hours trying to put down the edging to our new conservatory floor (head in hands for an awfull large proportion of it, something about obtuse angles, I zoned out!?!) he agreed that it might be a good idea.
So, vegetable patch digging and painting our red sllightly shabby front door 'antique vert' is out, clearing the baby's room and tiling the bathroom are in. There was the small issue of budget (G Kisby zones out at this point) but by 10.30pm last night (on a school night) even I was bored of talking about it.
Had been slightly worried that I didn't feel our baby move much yesterday (did I mention that Gaz felt something the other morning?) but he/she has been back on form today with a fair few wriggles. I do love to feel a wriggle, it gives me some reassurance (the rest of which should come from our scan in a couple of weeks).
Recipes to follow shortly...

Saturday, 28 August 2010

I am a bad blogger...

It has been far too long since my last post.
We are at 19 weeks today and G Kisby felt a movement for the first time today. We were sitting on the sofa and there was lots going on in there. I wasn't sure that it could be felt on the outside but we gave it a go and there was one strong kick which he felt - too too exciting.
The movements are getting much stronger nowadays and more regular.

Bank holiday weekend so we are busy trying to get the conservatory decorated. Keeping the momentum in our bid to have the house ready for baby arrival. As soon as we get a memory card for our new camera we can get photographing the growing bump...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Was that movement?

Apparently this can happen anytime between 16 - 20 weeks and I have previously felt the odd 'bubble like' movement over the last week or so.
However, today it was definitely something. A small 'wriggle' like feeling on the left hand side, once, and then again. Too exciting.
I was in the middle of preparing for a meeting so just paused and smiled to myself before writing G Kisby a quick email to share the news. His response was mainly relief that Maverick was showing signs of being active as opposed to the Bryce lazy gene. Let's hope so for everyones sake...

Trying hard, so to speak, to naturally beat the constipation issue. Bag of dried prunes as a snack, high fibre cereal, 2/3 pieces of fruit at work and plenty of water. So far....nothing.
I have also started having really restless sleep this week which I read is quite normal. Not something I usually have any problem with though whatsoever.

Heard back on an email enquiry about NCT classes today. They aren't as cheap as I'd hoped but everyone says they are great for meeting people and 'good as new' sales. We are going to look into it some more before signing up, since we also need to consider other class options. Add that to the list.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

A slippery slope...

This week I have realised that things do change in your relationship, whether you like it or not. A couple of facts make this clear:
1. I bought a grey velour dressing gown and justified it through the need to get up in the night to breastfeed (from the girl who lives by the phrase "beauty is pain")
2. When asked about my day I announced with some enthusiasm to G Kisby that I had managed a successful 'toilet trip'. He was suitably pleased.

17 weeks yesterday, bump is starting to show properly now!