Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Nothing wrong with some life planning...

So after a long bank holiday weekend of decorating we finally got round to looking at what we need to prioritise over the next few months.
Just over 20 weeks now until our baby is born and lots still to do. Starting to feel a wee bit overwhelming.
Only last week I mentioned the idea of a project planner to G Kisby who replied, "Oh my God, this is it." "This is where I leave you." Harsh.
Anyhow, after spending 3 hours trying to put down the edging to our new conservatory floor (head in hands for an awfull large proportion of it, something about obtuse angles, I zoned out!?!) he agreed that it might be a good idea.
So, vegetable patch digging and painting our red sllightly shabby front door 'antique vert' is out, clearing the baby's room and tiling the bathroom are in. There was the small issue of budget (G Kisby zones out at this point) but by 10.30pm last night (on a school night) even I was bored of talking about it.
Had been slightly worried that I didn't feel our baby move much yesterday (did I mention that Gaz felt something the other morning?) but he/she has been back on form today with a fair few wriggles. I do love to feel a wriggle, it gives me some reassurance (the rest of which should come from our scan in a couple of weeks).
Recipes to follow shortly...

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