Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Was that movement?

Apparently this can happen anytime between 16 - 20 weeks and I have previously felt the odd 'bubble like' movement over the last week or so.
However, today it was definitely something. A small 'wriggle' like feeling on the left hand side, once, and then again. Too exciting.
I was in the middle of preparing for a meeting so just paused and smiled to myself before writing G Kisby a quick email to share the news. His response was mainly relief that Maverick was showing signs of being active as opposed to the Bryce lazy gene. Let's hope so for everyones sake...

Trying hard, so to speak, to naturally beat the constipation issue. Bag of dried prunes as a snack, high fibre cereal, 2/3 pieces of fruit at work and plenty of water. So far....nothing.
I have also started having really restless sleep this week which I read is quite normal. Not something I usually have any problem with though whatsoever.

Heard back on an email enquiry about NCT classes today. They aren't as cheap as I'd hoped but everyone says they are great for meeting people and 'good as new' sales. We are going to look into it some more before signing up, since we also need to consider other class options. Add that to the list.

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