Sunday, 21 August 2011

G Kisby is left speechless!

Not often this happens...

T'other evening we were sat enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit on the sofa. O.k it was Friday, yes we are that rock and roll nowadays. We did have red wine with dinner which was 'Killer Mac and Cheese' (Jamie Oliver recipe ), killer both on the taste front but also the old arteries. Yeah admittedly this isn't helping the cool status.

Anyhow, after finishing my tea I cuddled in towards G Kisby on the sofa and whilst doing so discovered a few crumbs in a crease of my sweat pants. Without thinking, and I still am not sure what on earth went through my mind, I dropped them into G Kisby's still largely full cup of tea.

Speechless. He turned to me with a look of absolute disbelief on his face like, "You have to be kidding me? You don't crumb a man's tea...In fact you don't crumb anyones tea..."

"Oh my God, sorry, I can't believe I just did that. I just found crumbs in the crease of my pants" I tried to explain, causing only more horror.

"The. Crease. Of your pants" he repeated.

"Yeah, suddenly aware now of how that sounds. I must have thought it was my cup..."

They say that things can change in your relationship after having a baby and I did worry that with the whole labour thing G Kisby might never look at me the same again. I needn't have worried about labour, turns out I am pretty capable of doing that all on my own!


  1. That is funny! What a brain malfunction! Just need a little clrification. Pants as in British knickers or as in American trousers? Either way - funny!!! Just trying to picture the scene.

  2. Oh know, I def need to change that - the idea of me removing crumbs from my knickers is so much worse. Yes I was just using some American slang there, they were a nice ill-fitting pair of highly unattractive grey joggers...Nice!
    Nelly xxx

  3. Ha! Made me laugh out loud. Glad you clarified that you found the crumbs in your trouserpants rather than your knickerpants. Ha ha!

    Nicki xx


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