Saturday, 6 August 2011

Out until midnight - never!?!

It has been a funny old week which didn't start particularly well but ended much much better, hence my lack of blogging.

We had the electrician here to completely vandalise sorry partially rewire the house. He did a good job and we are thrilled not to have any re plastering but I couldn't help but be slightly frustrated that we have loads of retouching and 3 walls to repaint (particularly when 1 is a 'dulux mix your own' colour - never to be found again).

We also found out on Monday that our childminder couldn't do the days we needed - argh - so had to start all over again with the whole child care thing. Luckily on Friday we found a fab nursery which we really loved (Al came to visit too and even he was impressed, not easily done). The location is even better and they can accommodate our days. Clearly it was meant to be (ahhhhh....huge sigh of relief).

We also had some good parts to the week including a night out with the NCT girls on Wednesday, sans children. We had a great time and I very much enjoyed having both hands free (used the opportunity to use a real handbag, this little lovely was picked up by my mum at the old 'good as new' and is real knackered leather and full of vintage gorgeousness)

I did wake up in the night feeling sick following. Blamed too much food. Think it was probably either the rum (I have a particular love of dark rum) or the thought of how little sleep I was going to get!

We also had a parcel delivered with some more items for Mabel's treasure basket which we are loving playing with. has some good cheap wooden items and has a good article on the benefits and theory behind using treasure baskets (it is short and easy to read and I hadn't fully realised some of the theory behind it).

I have put an old silk scarf in there which she loves and pulls out even if I hide it under other things. It is fascinating watching her choose what to pull out (and then eat normally).

The week finished with a lovely city break (o.k not quite but we did have a night away in Manchester - thank you Mum for the use of your house if you are reading this in Prague) eating rabbit pie and drinking wine with some of our favourite people....

Now just about to watch Mad Men series 4 in bed with a glass of red wine and some chocolate...bliss!


  1. ahhh, you're our favourite people too. And you mum if you're reading the comments too!
    love you
    fee x

  2. What is Mabel eating/playing with in that last photo? At first glance it looked like the barrel of a gun (like a baby gangster) but I see it has a kind of chain on it...

    Love your new handbag and yay you for getting out and partying a bit too. You looked beaut in that photo on Fee's blog.

    Nicki xx

  3. Rum, good god I'd be silly sick but Vodka I'd be ok unless of course it's a bottle!!! I know that feeling when you think, I've been out, drank, it's 2am and I'll probably have to be up at 6am with a headache....but it's got to be done, well done for having a night out.

    Glad you have sorted out your childcare, a weight off your mind I'm sure.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend x x x x

  4. Rock n roll! It's got to be done every once in a while!
    Emily x
    PS - abs agree with Nicki - you look gorgeous in Fee's photo


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