Friday, 12 August 2011

Wow, this is a big bath!

Mabel and I went swimming for the first time this week.

Unbelievably, for me, it went without a hitch.

She seemed to like it, although I think her smile was more one of shock than true enjoyment.
She was doing the whole, "I'm having fun, I'm having fun" half smile, when really thinking, "what the hell, this bath is massive and what are all these other kids doing in it?"

We even remembered to try on her swimmers before we left. I asked if she wanted to pose for a photo, "I thought you'd never ask" was her reply.

I couldn't get a full shot of the frill on her swimmers so insisted that she lay down for another shot...

"Hmm not sure she has the figure for swimwear" was G Kisby's response to this picture - harsh

We had a fab time and she even slept for an hour in the afternoon - worth going again if only for that!


  1. loving your swimmers Mabes - in fact you look quite like me in mine!!!
    fee x

  2. OMG, I love the second photo, she is gorgeous!!

    S x

  3. Super cute! Glad she had a 'good' time, even if she wasn't completely convinced, your comment about the giant bath with other kids in it made me smile.

    When my daughter had her first swimming costume it HAD to have a frilly skirt as I was never allowed one like that as a child! x


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