Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Breastfeeding come down...

I've tried to record all my breastfeeding stories so that if I ever do it again I can remember both the ups and downs.

Turns out, in all the NCT classes and midwife visits, no one mentioned the come down.
We have been trying for the past few weeks to wean Mabel onto a bottle for when I return to work.
There was a period when I thought she was fed up of it anyway and it would therefore be a natural process. But it turns out she was just fed up of milk in general and when there was a food option she was happy just to take a quick milk snackette. From a boob ideally.

MILK BAR CLOSEDSo it hasn't been the easiest. We have had a couple of occasions of mild mastitis, a fair amount of late night expressing and a fed up baby when the milk bar closed signs come down and she is offered a drink from a vending machine instead
 It feels awful when she is getting all angry and just tries to launch herself at my chest. It must be really confusing for her.
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And that's not to mention that I am feeling sad about finishing (G Kisby has discovered me doing a 'secret' feed - "but she was still hungry," came my response) and I think my hormones are a bit up and down again too.

Don't get me wrong, there are certain things I won't miss. No longer having my boob swung around in public (she doesn't sit still anymore so feeding discretely is no longer an option), not having to express if I am away from her (in a hotel toilet was a particular highlight or in a moving car with the family on Saturday, that was a joy). And I definitely won't be missing those teeth which are well and truly through now and very sharp (I have found it difficult to hold back the obscenities the odd time she has decided to clamp down).

I'll keep doing my first and last thing feeds for now so I've not hung up the old maternity bras yet but things are a changing and we are both going to have some adjustments to make!


  1. Totally understand how you feel. My Prince is two and two months and I am still breastfeeding as he shows no signs whatsoever or giving it up.
    I struggled for weeks to feed him properly and went to a breastfeeding class to get help.
    Now I still go there, the Prince calls it Booby Class (oh dear) and announces to all and sundry where he goes on a Wed afternoon. Yet I am now the only mum who goes there hoping to STOP feeding.
    Although deep down I don't want to stop really. I love it.
    I never want to call TIME AT THE BRA but all good things must come to an end before I end up on one of those documentaries!!
    Just for the record, I've breastfed during a funeral service, my daughter's nativity play, Matalan (on a chair somewhere random as changing room was full) and during a Karaoke (JUST as the microphone was passed to me. That was a leetle tricky).
    Can you still stick to the night feed only when you go back to work?
    x x x x

  2. Gem - 'call time at the bra'...genius!
    Kenzie wasn't too pleased in the family saloon either!
    I remember feeling really, really sad when they all decided there was a better offer - hopefully it won't be long until you are feeding another little BC! And you'll soon get your boobs back (guessing G Kisby may appreciate this more than you...but remember what I told you!)
    love you
    fee x

  3. Bless you hun, breastfeeding didn't work for me so well, I breast fed little lad for 5wks but had sever mastitis twice so gave up and little lady only 3 days, she was born with her hand cupping her cheek and for about 4wks had basically sever neck ache, and she couldn't open her mouth full, she had to have Cranial Osteopathy!!

    You've done so well, like Fee says, lets hope it's not long til your breast feeding again.

    Luv Bee x x

  4. At least you will be able to wear whatever clothes you want to wear now..! I love breastfeeding but do get a little fed u when everything I wear has to have boob access.. and how lovely it would be to wear a bra that gives me a little cleavage! I haven't had much luck in finding a good supportive nursing bra...
    I know what you mean when it comes to not being able to feed discretely, I plan on carrying on breastfeeding for quite some time yet but thre's no chance of me feeding her discreetly. I try to cover her with a muslin and she just lifts off with a big smile on her face, looking around at everything so that my boob is in full view for everyone around..!

    Ashley xxx


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