Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lovely Wales...

Not sure where the last week has gone....
We had a fab fab time in Wales with family Bryce-Clegg. We did some lovely walks and Mabel had her first experience of sand on the beach (we buried her feet - she was completely confused).
She also loved being entertained by her cousins who were surprisingly interested in her now
she is starting to be more responsive and sturdy.

The scenery was breathtaking and it is so nice to be away from technology for a while and just appreciate each others company. Fee also started to teach me how to crotchet and I completed my first Granny square over a cup of tea one windy afternoon whilst the boys played outside.

The weather was not particularly kind but on the positive we did get to try out the rain cover on our fab new baby carrier...

It is a LittleLife Cross Country which we bought from - the service in their showroom was really good. I think it will definitely pay for itself since we have already used it loads - it has lots of very clever features like hooks to hang toys on and space for nappies etc. and Mabel appears to love it.

Unfortunately my photos of our holiday are both limited and pretty poor - knowing Fee has her camera at the ready means I have become snap lazy.

So we are home and washed (clothes that is, it wasn't that basic) and enjoying not having the 'back to school' headache, for now. 

Maybe the sun will decide to come back out now the holidays are over!


  1. you'vr beaten me to it - but then I do have 600 pictures to sort through!
    have lost my blog mojo - think I have school run blues! could so do with a massive bar of any half decent quality chocolate....
    fee x

  2. Please may I come with my crew next time?



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