Tuesday, 27 September 2011

When is too late to do a weeks round up?

Gosh where did last week go? It is Tuesday already and I don't seem to have caught up yet.
It was a busy one that's for sure.

G Kisby turned the big 31 meaning we had steak and red wine on a week night - hooray. Unfortunately for him there were no gifts to open on account of my poor organisation skills and we were still in bed by 10 but hey, we still have a newborn to blame (don't we?)

Mabel and I tried out some new classes. Baby yoga - sounds lovely and relaxing, in reality was slightly stressful and hard work. Not sure if it was for all in the room (though Mabel's need to shout obviously affected everyone during the meditation bits) but when the teacher has to offer to hold her for a second to let you at least manage one position you know things aren't going so well. We will return this week to try again, suckers for punishment.

Baby gym - not so great either. Turns out when your baby doesn't crawl properly yet they can't do much and the ladies showing you how to use the equipment, though lovely, were a little safety conscious. I completely get that they have to be but as I gently rocked Mabel on a large gym ball she was just looking at me like, "er o.k, when you gonna turn this bad boy on and get things moving". And when things didn't get any more exciting she just started to thrash around, in the style of a contortionist. "Oooh she is a little tired today" I tried to justify whilst making my own escape (you can see why yoga was a no go). Dam the over stimulation as a baby.

We had continued teething pain (both of us that is), I do wonder if there is such a thing as too much calpol?
To quote my Health Visitor, "some people just dose their children up on Calpol, it's awful really".
Me, "yeah, really bad" whilst trying to discretely scan the kitchen for the location of the nearly empty bottle.

We had a lovely trip to the church of John Lewis for coffee and cake with my fellow Bryce women, spent money we don't have, as always.

And we ended the week with a meal out for G Kisby's birthday which was just fab. Aside from excellent company and good food / wine I was thrilled to be spared the hangover on Sunday. All day I expected it to arrive and when by bedtime I still had no headache I literally skipped to bed.

So a bit of a whirlwind and this is now our final full week without any nursery intro sessions etc. So we are making the most of it with another jam packed schedule. 

I'm off to dig out my sunglasses and sandals again in order to be typically British and get carried away the moment I hear the word sun.

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  1. I know what would be a great idea. Lets allow our children to needlessly suffer pain whilst waving the calpol in front of them saying "nuh nuh nuh nuuuuhhhh naaaaa!"

    Stupid HV. As long as a child doesn't have more than the maximum daily dose for a long time or when they aren't in pain but just being a pain then what's the problem? God HV's can really Pi55 me off!!! For godsake. Why let them suffer? Where's the point in that? I don't advocate medicating your child just because they are whinging but when you can see they are in pain..... Sorry, I shall get off my box now. My HV's are all lovely but I do feel they are so brainwashed. They seem to think each child is exactly the same, no room for variations. Hmmmmmmmm maybe this is why my sons genetic condition went undetected for 4 years and I literally had to put healthcare professionals in a head lock to get referrals.

    I think it's going to be one of those gobby days for me!!!! Ha haaaa!

    Happy birthday to G Kisby! I think your sister took on your hangover, you owe her!



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