Monday, 5 September 2011

What a fab present...

I recently found a present that I received from Fee a couple of years ago and had the joy of re-opening it all over again...
She made me a box which was jam packed with lots of 'mini' card making kits:
Not your Hobbycraft, 'card making made easy' kind of kit. Oh no, little pockets of gorgeous papers, buttons, ribbon and trinkets all wrapped beautifully with appropriate fabrics that doubled up as usable materials:
Each pocket has a theme - a colour or a print - with a fab name, making it really easy to knock up a card for any occassion.
My photos actually don't do them any justice. I have already decided that I can't use certain ones because they are too pretty.

Lovely idea, lovely execution (naturally), lovely to find a present you had forgotten all about!

Now I just need to get making again...


  1. What an amazing present to receive, Fee is a wonder to have put together all that and so beautifully as well. I love how each little pocket of bits has it's own name and tag, she's really thought out how you will be able to use them. Sisters eh? Love 'em! xxx

  2. Woah there (Nelly) that's a bit gorgeous! How could you have forgotten about that beauty? Clearly you don't deserve it and therefore I should have it as I would love it and cherish it in the manner that it deserves.
    Emily x

  3. PS - that sounds a bit rude, reading it back to myself, but you know what I meant! x

  4. totally with you Emily...2 years???!!!
    waiting for the first card.
    fee x

  5. Hello,
    you saved my bacon with the unticking tip. it seems to have worked...voila i left you a message. it's been driving me up the wall.
    so happy to see your blog and read about your days with cute little Mabel. parenting sure is a rollercoaster ride isn't it!x

  6. Loving that re-discovery! Perhaps you should make a thank you card for Fee? ;)

  7. What a lush sis you have to make this for you. I bet that Fee bird is really rather nice!!!!
    Ha ha, think you need to send her a card though love!
    Hope Mabel is still as peachy as ever.
    Lots of love
    Gem x x


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