Sunday, 11 September 2011

I did say it was the last but...

Unfortunately there is one more story on that same old topic...(no not cleaning but you will soon find out the relevance)
So this week I popped Mabel into her bouncer on the landing whilst I jumped in the shower, same routine most mornings, but after a minute or two I heard her grumbling,
"It's o.k, Mummy is right here" I shouted through, thinking she was having a little separation anxiety.

Quickly rinsing my hair I jumped out and popped my head around the corner to reassure her I hadn't disappeared.
"Oh. My. God"

Separation anxiety it was not, what she was having was a massive poo.
Not a problem you would think, it will have gone up the back with her being in a bouncer but nothing a decent wipe and a change of clothes won't fix?

But no, she was just wearing a nappy and a vest and had somehow managed to poo out the side of both (vest = completely clean). And it wasn't the more recent adult 'log' like poo, it was liquid korma with lumps. It would be wouldn't it.
I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing, poo on both the hall and bedroom carpets, with our baby happily jumping in it. Poo feet. Poo carpet. Poo hell.

Is it wrong that I took a picture? I haven't posted it, I decided it was!

You'll be glad to know that for once I stopped to think and decided the right thing to do was clean the baby first (o.k who am I kidding, I had no choice but to do so, she was jumping in it creating poo splashback).
So trying to avoid the poo feet touching me I grappled with the bouncer contraption, pulled her out (oblivious, of course) cleaned her up then set to tackling the mess. I cleaned more vigerously than I have ever done in my life (concerned about both staining and smell).
She had slept in till 6.45 as well which had made me wonder (just for a second you realise) if I did have the easier job staying at home on child care duties.
With 'korma' down my nails, scrubbing the floor in my underwear (no time to dress after the shower) I decided not.

We may yet need to claim on the insurance...for the 'curry spillage' if anyone asks!!!


  1. korma with lumps - you kidding me? can't believe you used those words on your blog!
    Cool story though - go mabel!

    Check out my post - look ok?
    can't wait til the boys see it...fee x
    (realise Luca won't notice any difference but hoping Sonny will!)

  2. Hahaha I laughed so hard reading this!
    We've had similar incidents ourselves involving the baby bouncer... it managed to reach her neck the other day. I think the poo squishes up further and further with every bounce.
    We're renting here and have given up on the idea of getting back our deposit because of the carpet stains.. even this morning we had a wet patch on the carpet upstairs as Ray decided it wasn't necessary to use the changing mat when changing her nappy..!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Aaaah, poo. Dontcha love it?
    Emily x


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