Monday, 3 October 2011

All the better for being unexpected!

How fab was that last little spell of summer sun, all the better I think for being so unexpected.
So much so that we were too busy to do any blogging - I did momentarily wonder if a lack of blogging had contributed to a tidier house then dismissed that thought back to where it belonged in the filing cabinet in my head titled 'denial'.

We managed some alfresco dining - don't you just LOVE having breakfast outside!

And lots of walking to collect blackberries to make jam.

It felt so strange to be crunching through fallen leaves with your toes out, having to choose your picnic spot carefully because of spiky conkers.

We have had some amazing sunsets recently - you know the type where the whole house becomes bathed in an almost eery red light. I wished I had a better camera to capture this one since it never looks as good as the real thing...

Today we came right back into Autumn with a windy walk to the shop for milk. Note to self though, it is still not cold. Really wished I wasn't so wrapped up when trudging back up the hill sweating. Think there will be lots of fashion errors over the next week, sandals in the rain are never good (or safe)
Anyhow, the guy who served me in the shop asked, “Is that a boy?”
“Er, no she is a girl” I replied (‘that’?)
“Oh, it looks just like a boy” ('it'?)
“Right”. Really not sure what to say to that. Note to self, must have wittier response when someone insults your child so blatently.
Anyhow, I digress. We had great week including a trip to see friends we hadn't seen for way to long which was just lovely.
Mabel is pretty much crawling now, though her technique is a little odd (if she is anything like me she will be bored of it in a couple of weeks anyway and just move on to the next challenge. When falling over trying to walk she will no doubt look back and think, "ahh, wish I'd stuck at that crawling thing")
We have finally had to look at how safe the house is. I suggested a full health and safety audit (think I may have had a pad in my hand). G Kisby looked at me with a mixture of dismay and pity.

It is funny how since she was born I have said, "If she could just do xxx, I think it would be easier". I said the same for crawling. Turns out it never does get easier, just a different type of difficult. But notably she is loads less frustrated now she can get around. And it is fab watching her glee at reaching something previously denied.

We have our first nursery introduction today, all starting to seem very real now. We completed a form last night stating all her likes and dislikes and I have made her a photo book to take.
I will keep my blog updated with how it all goes...


  1. Mabel does NOT look anything like a boy!!! I had this once when the Princess was a baby. She was decked out in pink, head to toe. Yet I was asked "Is it a boy or a girl?"
    I just looked at them, smiled sweetly and said "I'd never dress a boy head to toe in pink!!!!"
    What work will you be going back to do? How do you feel about it all?
    Hope you are well my lovely
    x x x

  2. it!
    How do some people get by with so few social skills?
    fee x

  3. What a lovely post, I was starting to wonder where you'd got to!
    Haha... Mabel looks so funny with such a stern look on her face in her highchair. Rose is on the move now aswell, she's a little limpit following me around All the time!
    Don't worry about the whole 'boy' thing... I get it with Rose at least once a week. I think it's because of her lack of hair..

    Ashley xxx

  4. Hellooo!
    I had a similar incident in John Lewis last week. Old lady: ah, is that a boy or a girl? Me: she's a girl (she's wearing a dress). Old lady: well, I think he looks great in his long-line top. Me: uh huh (it's still a dress)
    I put it down to her having no hair too (it's either that or the tattoos and bovver boots...)
    Emily x


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