Sunday, 30 October 2011

What time is it?

Is anyone else completely confused by the whole clocks changing thing?

I know it should be simple but I just can't get my head round the fact that you lose an hour. Now I can hear G Kisby in my head, "you don't LOSE an hour, you just change the clocks". But in my head we have lost an hour and how does that happen?

All day I do the whole, "is it 6pm or actually 5pm?"
To which I receive short shrift, "it is 6pm, just accept that it is 6pm and let it go"
("it is really 5pm then" I say to myself)

And babies clearly don't come programmed to manage a time change. So after deciding to hit the town last night to spend time with friends that we haven't seen for far too long, having a few too many glasses of wine so that things like, "lets get another round in" and "yeah I am up for staying out," started coming out of my mouth, then going for a late night curry and getting home about 1.30am, it was painful, yes painful to realise that Mabel's get up time of 5am was actually 4am (though it wasn't really, if you know what I mean).

Two of our best friends announced they are having their first baby - too exciting - I was giddy sharing and discussing the whole experience but being really careful not to give too much advice. I kind of think it is a journey you should travel yourselves, not cutting any corners and enjoying every bit of it along the way.

This afternoon in a bid to fight off the urge to nap (dangerous when so tired I find) we went for a family walk in the Autumn sunshine. G Kisby claimed he needed a farm shop pork pie to help with his hangover which meant we almost missed the sunset en route but just managed to capture the last of the days glimmer.

The light was just gorgeous, I think late evening sunshine might be my favourite time of day...

And Mabel debuted her bear suit, wouldn't you just love to be carried around wearing a fleecy all in one?

So I have realised, if I didn't already guess, that with a baby the reason you don't go out drinking that often is not the absence of a babysitter. No no, it is having to make up a bottle with a shaky hand, feeling slightly nauceous and counting in your head the hours till another sleep may be due. G Kisby nearly fainted in the curry house due to not eating all day so I decided to take one for the team and let him stay asleep.

Feigning illness in advance - the lengths some people go to to avoid a get up!


  1. Erm, didn't we GAIN an hour? You really haven't got your head around this, have you... ha! :-) You're confusing me now... I can't think about these things too much, they make my head spin. You make me laugh, I'm exactly the same, in my head I think 'so it's really X o'clock...' ha!

    Nicki xx

  2. me too with the clock thing - even today I'm thinking 'what time is it REALLY?'
    Our favourite Homebird is of course right - you gain an hour. Spoken in the true voice of one without children as what you LOSE is precious sleep!!!
    Loving the bear suit - it worries me that if they sold them (Primark?) I would actually buy one for the school run. Speaking of which.....fee x

  3. Bee and I usually go away for the weekend when the clocks go back so that when we wake up at 9am old time it's really 8am new time and so we can enjoy that repeated hour chatting in bed knowing our husbands have been up for ages with the little uns.

    Hangovers are so evil when you have kids. I can't cope at all. And yet I never learn. It's always me shouting "More wine waiter!!!!"

    I just bought our baby a pram suit, it's very country squire navy quilted. He looks hilarious.



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