Sunday, 23 October 2011


This weekend has been a complete wash out due to a tummy bug hitting the girls in the house. Mabel and I visited nursery on Saturday morning for a baby signing workshop and on the way home she pretty much covered herself and the car in porridge sick. And once it had started it just kept coming all day, and all over us mostly.

"How glad am I that this has happened on a weekend" I exclaimed to G Kisby, "someone to help me clean up sick and give her cuddles."
About 2 hours later I realised just how glad I was that G Kisby was around as I started being sick myself. It was hard not to worry about Mabel dehydrating since she couldn't even keep water down but eventually just before bed time we did manage to get her to take a few sips. II'll stop there on the gory details but the night wasn't pleasant for any of us!

We had planned to get a load of odd jobs done and visit friends for Sunday lunch today. Hey ho, can't be helped, Mabel is much better today which is the main thing.
It did also make me stop and appreciate how lucky we are to normally be in good health. Looking after children whilst poorly must just be awful.

And while I remember, our first full week of new routine went well too. I already feel like I have never been off work, though for the first day it did feel like I was just visiting. I managed to avoid pulling out sudacrem when looking for lip gloss and enjoyed wearing my hair down and clothes not covered in dribble or snot. Though my feet were absolutely killing by Wednesday, clearly they are not used to be shoved into a heel. The evenings felt really short and she is so tired from nursery that it doesn't feel like quality time together but I try to console myself with the fact that she is tired due to all that positive stimulation and interaction. And avoid where possible doing jobs so I can concentrate on her for that period.

And oh my did I enjoy finishing on a Wednesday for the 'weekend'. I really appreciated our time together and still feel really lucky to have it since I know G Kisby would love some more.
So no doubt there will be some weeks harder than others but for now things are going well, fingers crossed it continues...


  1. Oh sick bugs are the pits man. Really vile. I feel your pain.
    Last year mine was both violently sick all night and the husband didn't get home from work til 2am as he works a late shift. I was utterly shattered. Didn't go down with it myself though thankfully.
    So work is going well?! HOORAH! It's never do bad when you actually go back, its the thinking of it which makes it worse I feel.
    What do you do? Lip gloss and high heels.....hmmmm. def an office babe!!!
    Hope next weekend goes better for you.
    x x x

  2. MINE WAS BOTH VIOLENTLY SICK......can't believe I actually typed that. Who am I? Bianca Flaming Butcher???????

  3. Oh no! Sounds awful... you poor things. I wonder where you picked up the bug from. Glad your both feeling much better though, that's the main thing.
    Oooh lip gloss and high heels!? Going back to work does sound quite glamorous now! Compared to my converse and chunky winter boots that I'm always wearing these days.

    Ashley xxx


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