Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nursery time

Last week we had our nursery introduction sessions - a play date together on Tuesday then a further 2 hours for her alone on Thursday.

They were absolutely fine. I did come away feeling a little flat. Two things really stuck out,
a) I hadn't fully considered how she is going to (not going to?) nap in a room with so much else going on
b) Although I know she will gain so much from the experience, she won't get the 1-2-1 really focused attention which I give her on a daily basis. But this is potentially no bad thing!

We had a few things to buy for her nursery basket (nappy cream / calpol etc.) and a fabric pen so she doesn't lose anything. And to help her settle I took with us her favourite book (Dear Zoo), grey rabbit, a blanket she tends to use for sleeps and her photobook (which contains photos of family, favourite toys, her bedroom etc)

I know she will be absolutely fine and I enjoyed my few hours off (a quick trip to Piece Hall in Halifax to mooch round some vintage shops, lovely). Apparently there were a few tears when I left but then she was off making friends (she will have been climbing on them but I think they were being polite). When I returned I was greeted with a cursory glance before her attention returned to some sort of shaker. Perfect, she was happy.

I did have to warn them that she climbs. Everything. I find myself moving away from her sometimes because she just climbs on me. When leaving her in the sitting room now my issue is not with her crawling but pulling herself up - the sofa, the walker, the t.v unit. And she really isn't steady enough on her feet to stand one handed but appears to have no fear and does it anyway.

Think we got the stair gate up just in time.

I wrote this post at the weekend and for some reason it didn't publish. Gosh with this and still being unable to comment on other blogs, blogger is starting to drive me mad. We have now had our first few days at nursery so I will write a new one shortly with the full saga!


  1. Mabel really is so so adorable.. I'm glad her 1st session at nursery went well, I'm going to be staying home with Rose but I can really see how they benefit a lot from the nursery experience. I bet she was loving all of the new toys!
    Rose is also loving pulling herself up on everything now, she hasnt quite mastered sitting back down gently yet though... This results in her regularly crashing to the floor. She bashed her mouth on her way down from standing at the coffee table the other night and there was blood Everywhere... Terrifying!! Xxx

  2. She's growing up so fast! Once they start getting mobile there's no stopping them! x

  3. Good to hear her first outing at nursery went well, bet you had a lovely time mooching about whilst she was there but missed her too! She is just adorable with her little cheeky face x

  4. Glad nursery visit went well I am sure she will be absolutely fine.From my recent experience working in a nursery when they are tired they will go to sleep even when noisy and bright. We often spend lots of time 1-2-1 with the babies in our care - I love it - it is so rewarding. Often when I get up early for a 10 hour shift I have a grumble to my OH because I am tired etc but then I remember the cuddles, the feeding and the chuckles and it's all better. OH however is a teacher and say's all he gets is sweaty teenagers lol.


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