Tuesday, 25 October 2011

9 months on...

9 months ago today our lives were very different!
And oh my do our lives continue to change...

Mabel can now crawl but primarily she chooses to climb and wants to try and walk. She coasts along any furniture she can find and takes her hands off despite being far too unstable
She copied me tonight when I showed her I was giving Katie doll a kiss - too cute.

Product DetailsShe has developed a love affair with her grey rabbit - whose ears are always wet from being sucked when she is falling asleep. She knows where all the flaps are on Dear Zoo (her favourite book by far) and loves turning the pages.
She copies you with an 'oh dear' noise after sneezing or coughing (which she does all the time since her constant nursery cold started).
She has definitely started to realise she has options. I regularly now have to employ the tummy chop to get her in the car seat / high chair or just to sit down for a second and I knitted her this hat (G Kisby calls it the condom hat - harsh) but she refuses to wear it. She'd take her coat off if she could negotiate the arms.

She never fails to laugh at her Daddy saying 'a tissue' (what the hell and I barely get a smile for the high quality entertainment I provide) and generally has such a gorgeous temperment.
I don't know how we got so lucky!?!


  1. Oh lawks, the nursery cold... they get them for yonks don't they. My little niece was ill for almost a whole year with various illnesses picked up from nursery. Then they pass them round the family too - you and G Kisby better look out. Bless her.

    Gorgeous pics and Mabel is looking very happy and beautiful. Such a cutie.

    Nicki xx

  2. to be fair..it does look like a condom. Or a boob! (obviously not mine with those perky nipples!)
    9 months already? how?
    fee x

  3. there's a giveaway over at mine - challenge you to get it on your sidebar! (can you believe I created a grabable button? took me hours!)
    fee x
    see you tomorrow x

  4. Condom hat?! ha ha ha, you should look at the hat I made my daughter for Halloween, glow in the dark condom hat in that case!

    Mabel's sooooo cute and growing up sooo fast. Love it when they start interacting and forming little habits. x


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