Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Crazy in love!

I am trying to keep Mabel going until her mid morning sleep at the moment, rather than cat napping earlier, which means a fair amount of entertainment around breakfast time.
This morning Beyonce Crazy in Love came on which led me to do what can only be described as a 'performance'.

Suddenly I thought I was on the stage; we had singing full pelt, a routine with lots of extravagant moves (the more Mabel laughed, the more I stepped it up a notch), the iconic walk across the kitchen - there was no holding back.

For a minute I actually thought I looked good. Admit it, we've all done a routine (albeit most people are probably drunk at the time) and it has crossed our mind that we actually look o.k? No? Just me?

Then I caught sight of my reflection in the conservatory window, it is actually making me cringe even writing this.

Isn't it a funny feeling when you are embarrassed when on your own, embarrassed in front of...yourself. Obviously it wasn't Mabel I was bothered about, she was looking at me in complete wonder (gobsmacked perhaps at some of the moves I was attempting? You can imagine which ones..Or perhaps she was thinking, 'oooh good rendition, I have seen Auntie Fee Beyonce live only recently')

I did not look good. Oh no. Crazy in the community is what I looked like. Awful. The kind of crazy that could possibly end my marriage should G Kisby have been around.

I decided there and then, I am all for making my child laugh, I am happy to make a fool of myself on most occasions, but a pale white girl with bed hair, wearing sweat pants and covered in weetabix should not be busting any kind of moves - except perhaps say a gentle sway to something on the lines of Buble.

Oh and on another note altogether I appear to have lost the ability to comment on blogs. I write something then when I press post it just disappears - can anyone help? I have tried writing on a number of my favourites and at different times but to no avail.

Help, I might otherwise be forced to go back to doing something more practical like cleaning...


  1. nowt wrong with a bit of Bouble - welcome to your 30's!!!
    incidently, my rendition of 'Ring on it' was done in view of the whole family (NO shame) and was indeed a dead ringer for our fave RnB singing superstar. saying that I couldn't do it again if I tired....
    fee x
    ps remember it's not long before all Beyonces booty drops once she's had that baby!
    pps I think blogger prevents you from leaving a comment if it's not interesting/funny!

  2. Haha this made me giggle! Sure Mabel appreciated the morning's entertainment anyhow ;)


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