Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mav...meet snow!

Ah it is that most joyous time of year when we don't get our car anywhere near our house for weeks on end. Only this time not nearly as fun as G Kisby says, "careful" an awful lot and refuses to pull me along the slippy bits.

We woke up this morning to masses of the stuff (snow that is) so had to work from home. Once the car is stuck, it is stuck, and there was no way as a fat lass I was walking to the bus / train, particularly when we needed to be back this afternoon for the midwife. I'm also trying to be more sensible and accepting of the fact that falling over might not be as funny this year (twice last year - although managing to save a full open flask of coffee on one occasion by holding it above my head!!! Regretted that move later when the bruising came up on my hip bone)

We did manage to get to the docs though and see the midwife. Full marks for Mav who is still perfectly on track on the growth chart and is head down, legs up, ready to go. All organised and sorted before time (not sure where that comes from - definitely isn't me- as I write this Gaz has skipped off to do a big clean, he hasn't done one for a while and was apparently really looking forward to a decent big clean. I'd like to see how he big cleans up that exposed brickwork and dust in the hall).
Plasterer has confirmed he is coming on 13th Dec so I have officially given up on getting the baby room sorted before Xmas. Mark Bryce has offered us a moses basket though so now feel fine about the fact that Mav will sleep in our room with us for a while anyway. Janet and Mark also gave us a HUGE bag of baby clothes for newborns. Freaked us out a bit, even just having them in the house. Teeny tiny vests and socks - can't actually get my head round the fact that we will need them in around 6/8 weeks. We were also grateful for some newborn nappies and a snowsuit - definitely be needing that!

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