Sunday, 21 November 2010

Time for a good old list!

How does time seem to speed up over a weekend - I can't believe it is Sunday already.
We've had a productive weekend of work between G Kisby and I. Project porch has been completed and a neat row of enamel tins sit along what was a grotty chipped shelf. Gaz has finished stripping both the hall / stairs and the baby room - great work (to be fair the paper came off in massive strips in the baby room so only took an hour or so - but I won't dwell on this point since on the opposite side one of the walls up the stairs is now back to bare bricks!)

Unfortunately our plasterer has now said he can't come for another few weeks - argh! Bit annoying since we still have a couple of weekends blocked out before xmas to finish everything. Can't be helped though and we would rather wait for him to do it than take a risk with someone we don't know. Gaz, as laid back as ever, happy to see how things pan out. I would normally be exactly the same but just have a slight issue with the fact we have nowhere for the baby to sleep. Mum reckons it is a nesting instinct kicking in. On the one hand I know that Mav will sleep in our room for a while anyway but on the other, it would be nice just to have somewhere to put his/her stuff and not to still have the issue of decorating over what I now realise will be a pretty tough first few months.
We have agreed to compromise. If the baby room isn't plastered before weekend of 17th Dec then we will wallpaper that room. Keep yourself comfy Mav - we still have a lot to do before you arrive!!! (I found a few good sites when looking for wallpaper: for tips on saving money and things like Cath Kidson style paper at a lower price and for fab original 70's print vintage decal cut outs of birds and elephants etc.)

To make us feel better about what we still have to do we turned to a list.
Showing just how much we don't know and our complete naivety, see below our attempt at thinking through what we need to buy for a baby:
  • Car seat
  • Pram
  • Cot
  • Carrier thing (sling or the like)
  • Expressing machine, a few bottles (and a steriliser)
  • Bed linen
  • Clothes - 6 vests, 6 babygros (white), 2 x socks, hat and cardigan
  • Bibs (few?)
  • Blanket
  • Nappies (will go back to the reusable thing)
  • Wipes, sudacrem (that kind of thing?)
  • Changing mat
  • Wash stuff (we weren't sure what you wash a baby with but figured you do wash one)
  • 'Sleeping' bag
Currently we have a baby bath and a play mat. So we will have a very clean baby who is well entertained if nothing else?
Plan to show the list to trusty family (Mum / Fee) to review then will get buying...

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