Friday, 5 November 2010

29 weeks and starting to feel it...

Not a lot, but a little. Cannot remotely complain since we have had such a straightforward pregnancy so far. Bar the normal tired / sickness of the first 12 weeks everything has been great. This week is the first time I have felt slightly heavy, Mav does appear to have had another wee spurt but he / she has also moved round to be lying horizontally again which has both pros & cons. I seem to be able to eat a full portion this way, but it is slightly more uncomfy at night and generally the movements tend to be more of a 'pushing up' than kicks which don't feel that great.

We went for our normal swim this morning but I didn't manage my normal length quota. I did yesterday but was knackered so today took it slightly slower. Gaz in the meantime seems to have got loads better and is now not even doing breast stroke to break up his front crawl (this does not make me feel any better because although I know it is not a competiton, lets face it, it always is a little bit). My main issue is a wierd muscular kind of pain which I get just down the right hand side low down. I asked the midwife who said it was just ligaments stretching and that I just needed to take it a bit slower when I felt it. Breast stroke legs appear to make it worse so I have adopted my own new stroke which is a cross between a leg kick and a frog leg style. Think tadpole half formed.

Tonight we are watching the fireworks from the warmth of our living room window whilst eating home made treacle toffee, lovely x

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