Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Well done Mav!

We had our midwife appointment today and all was well. Finally got the form to complete for our pregnancy grant (wooo) and collected my Mat B 1 certificate.
It was a different midwife, who was really lovely, and has booked me in for an Anti D injection next Wednesday. She did the measurements and Mav was spot on size wise for 29 weeks - yey - well done Mav. She also had a feel to check where he / she was lying (I already knew the answer, vertical with feet down). However, Mavs did not take kindly to being fondled and she quickly stopped and said, "ooh baby has woken up and is moving, we'll leave it for today, he/she is moving onto a bit of a diagonal".

We are both relived that all is well!!!

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