Sunday, 31 October 2010

A night out in Brighton!

We travelled down to Brighton this weekend for our friend Jenny's 30th birthday.
Unbelievably the way down took slightly longer due to toilet stops, and it wasn't pregnant girl who was calling the shots. When G Kisby asked if there was anything in the water bottle it wasn't because he was thinking of drinking it! I had to put my foot down then pull in at the next services, there was no way I was being a part of that.

We had a really lovely night, it was a long way to go for one evening out but Jen & Ben had been really good coming up for Gaz's birthday (not to mention coming back from India early for our wedding) so a 5 hour drive didn't seem quite so bad in context. I was worried about staying awake / upright all night but actually it was absolutely fine. I managed to wear my high red shoes for at least an hour or so (first time wearing really high shoes for a while, did think I might topple over, cream pumps were pulled out the bag to save me) and some gold jewellery helped to make my otherwise plain outfit (how could I ever forget how accessories doth make an outfit). 'George' has a load of jewellery in the sale so was able to stock up. The pub played some great, but quite load, music which meant that Mav was going crazy with his kicking and moving for most of the night. At midnight Gaz and I called it a night and head back up the hill to Jen's flat whilst everyone else headed for some dancing. Very much appreciative of my lovely husband who wouldn't hear of carrying on without me despite the fact that I did encourage it. 'Our' pregnancy feels much nicer together!

However, we did do something else last night of which neither of us are proud. The 'I won't eat animals that haven't had happy lives / must eat healthy food for the sake of both baby and thighs' girl did something very bad and hypocritical. I can only defend myself on the grounds that it was a 'craving'. I can hardly bear to write it down...

We went to Mcdonalds. That's right I fed our unborn child a cheeseburger from the golden arches. What's worse - it was really nice. If it makes it any better I had a super healthy low fat granola and cherry yoghurt from M&S on the way home vs. G Kisby who followed up his Big Mac meal with a service station full english. Bad times. Mav was quiet this morning too which made me slightly nervous, the odd kick but just faint. However, I think it may have just been a case of too much hard partying since after a sleep on the way home he is back on form kicking the laptop as I write this. As Katie and I discussed, you curse the kicks but when they go you don't half panic and want them back!

We did a big shop on route home and stocked up on fish, fruit and veg for the week ahead. Sorry Mav.

On a slightly more positive note our friends Phil and Claire had their 3rd baby last night. A little girl, as yet unnamed. We are so thrilled for them. Will hopefully have some pictures soon, we'll no doubt try and go to Nottingham and visit before Christmas.

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