Friday, 15 October 2010

Gammon, egg and chips!

G Kisby and I are celebrating the end of a long week tonight with the inappropriate tea of gammon, egg and oven chips - yyuuuum! May well pop some peas on there oo - just for Mav's sake! Small glass of wine whilst it cooks too...

This week Mav appears to have accelerated his development. I have gone from 'potentially just eaten too many pies' to 'clearly pregnant'. There are both good and bad sides to this I have found.
On the positive front it gives people more confidence to randomly say, "ah when are you due" or " I didn't realise you were pregnant" - which brings into play the great come back of, "er no, I'm not, I'm just holding a bit of weight" - hours of fun. I am also quite pleased that it is clear so that it doesn't just look like I am a pie fan.
On the negative I am slightly more uncomfortable, particularly when Mav kicks so much. Nothing to complain about, I just need to re-adjust my position a little more and get ever so slightly out of breath when walking up the stairs. Am still managing my normal lengths quota at the pool though so that is good. 
Today in an interview for my mat leave cover I had to hold my hands over my tummy for fear that the guy could actually see the movement going on - it is really obvious, someone in work did comment that they could see it happening the other day. Think we have a gymnast in the making?

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