Saturday, 2 October 2010

A designer bump!

Today we drove to Matlock to meet our Birmingham friends Sean and Sally.

Sally is due to have a baby in 5 weeks and as you can see is sporting a wonderfully designer bump - all front, compact, I liked it a lot. In fact it is exactly the look I am going for so I was pleased to be able to show that to Maverick in person so he was clear on how much growing to do. They also spurred us into action on the home front and we nipped to B&Q to buy some ladders so that we can start to clear the baby room tomorrow.

We had fish and chips, a nice walk down the front of Matlock Bath and bought some old style sweets (of course, for once I managed to resist fudge). Finally before leaving for home we sat and had a drink in a pub where a very funny incident took place. So Gaz has been repeatedly telling me that my belly button is not that prominent. A lady walked over to us and exclaimed, "Oh look, you're both pregnant", followed by the explaination, "Wow look at you belly button". That's right - across the pub she could see my God dam belly button. No more am I listening to Gaz, the alien must be restrained.
On a more positive note, see Maverick at 24 weeks exactly on the right - he/she is now 'viable' to be born, how very exciting!!!

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