Monday, 4 October 2010

O oh- broken laptop

Last night the laptop started doing something very strange then suddenly died. A trip to Pc world gave us a nice £60 bill to fix some sort of corrupt file. I hate that, they could tell u anything and there is nothing you can do. I blame pesky ITunes which was the thing open at the time.
Anyhow means blogging from G Kisby's phone which is not easy or fun.
Mav seems to have had a growth spurt this week and become a funny pointed shape. I am also amazed at just how much movement you can see, it doesn't stop being fascinating. Midwife visit tomorrow, not sure what to do but will pop along all the same.
One thing we do need to have a good think about, which would be easier if had Internet, is nct. We had signed up and paid for classes in hudd but had an email saying it was cancelled and moved to much further away. Since the main reason for going was to meet people this is a bit annoying. Also Sean and Sally were telling us there was very little about actually giving birth and I'm pretty interested in hypno birth but we can't afford to do both... Tricky one. More research required I think!

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