Monday, 25 October 2010

Weekend of fun in Wales...

Wo, what a hectic week. We have just got back from a weekend in Wales with our beautiful nephews and lovely family. Due to a late arrival home we convinced ourselves it was o.k to re-create a Saturday night with curry and X-Factor. G Kisby has even gone in for a beer (still claiming 'holiday' time).
In the run up to our weekend away we did food shopping, present buying (Al had his birthday whilst there) and also attempted to shop at Trafford for an outfit for Jen's 30th in Brighton next weekend. Neither of us were successful and I think Gaz was surprised to see just how slim the options were on the pregnancy front.
H&M probably offered the best selection (although still including some random summer dresses, no other range in the store would still hold such items during October). There was a leopard print shirt which was right on trend and some good shirt dresses for around £20. I did buy a brilliant black stretchy skirt which will be useful for both work and play, teemed with a vest and some heels. Couple of nice things online too:
Topshop have some bits in their midseason sale which are worth a look including vests for £1 which are always handy to stock up on.
However, all in all I am completely shocked at just how little there is if you want to dress for this season and not spend a fortune. Well actually not shocked, I do understand that you need to drive 'pounds per foot' of the shop floor and that maternity is only appealing to a tiny part of the population. But then, there must be plenty of women like me, who don't just want to wear black trousers and a v neck jersey top in 3 colour ways and the most basic of cardigans.
I am going to mix and match. Black 'above the knee' maternity skirt from H&M, black maternity vest top along with an item in leopard print (plenty available on the high street, an angora cardigan from Topshop is calling me) and my red 'dorothy' esq shoes. Lets see how long I manage to stand in those babies. Innnovation, I am finding, is the only answer!
Photos and memories of our great weekend to follow tomorrow (X Factor has finished and it is way past bed time on a school night, that's right G Kisby, a school night)...

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