Saturday, 16 October 2010

26 weeks for a first shopping spree!

Today we went over to Wakefield to an NCT 'good as new' sale. G Kisby clearly didn't want to go - though he will deny this fact 'til the end. Comments such as: "So what is this thing again" (I have told him about 3 times); " Do you have directions? We have an early start as it is I don't want to get lost" (we needed to get up around 8) and; "We need go get cash out? Can't you pay on debit card? What is it some sort of car boot ?" all led me to what I believe was a pretty safe assumption.
However, we went anyway, for the start time of 10am.
When we arrived the carpark of the school in which it was being held seemed slightly busier than I expected. We got what I think may have been the last parking space and headed for the entrance, only to be met with a humongous queue. O oh. Gaz did not look impressed. The fact that they were giving out Ikea monster blue shopping bags and a magazine called 'Stork Talk' did not help. As we walked to the end of the queue Gaz uttered the words, "oh my God, this is horrific", which I had to tell him not to repeat. No number of comedy comments or arm squeezing seemed to help. I was slightly concerned that it was a 'Monica from friends at the wedding sale shop' scenario but that we were underprepared with no whistles (and with Gaz showing potential to be like Rachel as opposed to Phoebe).
There were also tons of kids in the queue - is it a worry that the crying and general noise made me feel slightly sick? At what point should you start liking kids???
Anyway, I needn't have worried. Although completely lost amongst the mayhem inside, G Kisby came good and was on form holding boxes so we could collect more between us. We got a baby bath (with some sort of mini bath within it - not sure what the hell we do with that), a donut 'sit your baby up' thing and a baby play gym, best described I think as 'one of those things you lie your baby under whilst you chat to your friends over a cup of tea' - all for just £12.00!
Bargain! Having had a taste for it I have now found another sale nearer to home in November and we'll be heading back - this time with our whistles in tact.

Another highlight of the day was that we have started stripping the hall, stairs and baby room. I spent the afternoon doing everything I could reach (or just a few steps up the ladder) and Gaz has made us a curry feast for dinner - mmmmm. Tomorrow we are going to swap roles and he is going to take on the ceiling - argh! A nice bubble bath followed (Mav never moves around much in water, maybe there is something to be said for a water birth?) and Gaz arrived with a warm glass of alcohol free mulled fruit punch. Bring on Christmas!

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