Monday, 18 October 2010

The maternity bra...

I had a conversation yesterday with my friend Katie, who is expecting twins around the same time as us, about the old maternity bra.
Now I have a couple of issues with this contraption. For a long time I have been avoiding taking it on, my boobs being more than happy (not to mention perky) in their normal structured bra. I did buy a couple of new basic bras from M&S in a larger size, but I was not ready to take the plunge (or lack of plunge as it may be).
I had vaguely heard something which I chose to ignore about milk and ducts and non underwired. Not for me I thought, happy as I am.
However, I then heard the words 'stretch marks' and 'sagging' and suddenly I was all ears.

So I ventured into Mothercare (that shop still makes me cringe) and over to the underwear dept. "Right," I thought, "let's not waste any more money on underwear. I will buy some nursing bras, preferably in a nice design / colour and have done with it"
Not so, according to the friendly sales assistant. She then went on to talk about 'going up another cup size' once you are feeding (your kidding?), that no, underwired was definitely not an option and yes, these were all the options.
So I have done it. I bought a pack of 2 non underwired, will only last me the next 13 weeks, maternity bras. They're not cheap and they're not clever. They look like 'mum' bras. They cover every available area of skin with a token strip of lace and a bow - as if that makes them more attractive. They don't push up (in fact the opposite) and they have straps the width of rulers.
What they are is comfy. Very comfy. But that does not make this acceptable.

I am going to keep an eye out for some more attractive nursing bras since by that point I think I may be in even more need of attracting my husband. G Kisby reassures me that they are not that bad. Katie tells me Colin washed hers within a coloured wash and they are now grey. I guess I have to be thankful for small mercies!!!


  1. What brand are they? I work with Emma-Jane and they've found that the thing most mums want is comfort, comfort, comfort - particularly as their bump gets bigger and once feeding, when being comfortable and getting some sleep is just about all that matters. Take a look at the range at We could always send you one to try out

  2. I think they are just Mothercare's own (M2B). When I tighten the straps (to try and create a bit more 'lift', and I am by no means large up top) they just seem to dig in to the skin under my arms. They are comfy but don't give me a great shape. Thanks for the recommendation, I very much like how you use real women as models on the website. Would love to try you only stock in the places noted on the site? We are still waiting for a John Lewis in Leeds!

  3. Hi

    There is a full list of stockists on the site including quite a few online places, so if there isn't a bricks and mortar retailer near you, you could try one of the online ones. There is a fitting guide on the Emma-Jane site so you know what size to go for


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