Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Finally back online

Just as the laptop was fixed....it broke again. We got it back from the laptop doctor last night so hopefully now all o.k.
So what have I missed?
Well there was the midwife appointment last Tue. She wasn't massively pleasant, telling me I mustn't miss appointments (it was only a week late and my scan had been later which was totally out of my hands) and that I mustn't ever forget my notes (that was my  fault admittedly). Apparently I must now take my notes every where with me in case I suddenly go into labour. What with her stern attitude I didn't feel it wise to say that should I suddenly go in to labour at this stage, finding my pesky notes would be the last thing on my mind.
Mavs is slightly smaller than he/she should be on the graph but the midwife said not to worry at this stage (all the same I have committed to eating less cereal based lunches and being ever so slightly less pleased with my compact bump).
There was a great night of food and comedy in Sheffield with Amy and Matt, who are newly engaged. Seats were small though and did worry I was starting to overheat - we were very high up.
I also had another session of mentoring at work - will update blog tomorrow - since in the meantime another interesting incident took place.

Sat having a lovely tea of Kipper Carbonara, in front of the t.v (football was on) when G Kisby suddenly puts his plate down and scrambles to what can only be described as a foetal position on the couch.
I quickly realise the issue, a spider is making its way across the lounge,
"O.k, lets be sensible, we're both adults" shouts G Kisby from his child like position practically now on the back of the couch,
"It's fine, I'll get it, calm down" I reply, whilst trying really hard to remember that this is a phobia so unfair to ridicule,
"Not with your hands, not with your hands, get a glass and trap it quick or it will have to die" shouts my now slightly crazy sounding husband. No. I can't help it. It is just too funny,
"Stop being so scared, it's just a spider, I'll get a glass" I respond walking to the door,
"Careful! Don't alarm it" comes the response.
I get a glass and swiftly trap said spider thinking that will be the end,
"Right, where are you putting it" questions the crazy,"outside, it has to go outside, I need to actually see you put it outside"
"O.k", I say (stopping myself from mentioning that a house spider really shouldn't be put outside),
"I am going to follow you, you back up to the other side of the room, I'll get the door and go ahead" commands crazy,
"Riiiight, o.k babe, you go ahead!"
We both eventually go outside. I am made to walk down away from the door and release the bemused spider from the glass.
"Phew, glad we could be sensible there" G Kisby laughs, sitting back down and scanning the room for spider mates,
"Yeah babe, really sensible!"

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