Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Attacked from the inside?

I think Mav is angry about something...either that or the calm and relaxed baby we are hoping for is really not in there.
All day today I have been attacked from the inside. And the kicks are not light flutters anymore. Normally Gaz seems to have the calming touch (as if we ever doubted that would be the case) - one hand firmly pressed on my tummy and all goes quiet (sometimes he will also do a wee lecture speaking into my tummy too - depending on the severity of the actions). Today, however, he got kicked in the mouth. And when he asked, "Er, what was that?" and listened for a response, he got another kick to the ear.
It really is quite distracting in work when sat in quite an important meeting only to have your hand jolted off where it was happily placed.
Perhaps the cramped surroundings really are starting to get annoying for him / her? Maybe he/she just has very good taste and the hospitality is not up to scratch? I sincerely hope there is nothing wrong - I honestly don't think all the exercise is helping with piling on the pounds.
Talking of piling on the pounds I got a side glance of myself in a mirror at the gym last night and was slightly peturbed. I've never seen a fat Hel before. Not sure I was a fan.
So I came home and ate a massive portion of cottage pie (constipation issue has been resolved for this week by two meals of lentil dahl) and a chocolate bar. Ah, and so it begins...

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