Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Snowdonia bliss...

Doing our usual commute of an hour sat in traffic tonight was harder than usual. It always seems to feel worse when you have been away from it all, and Snowdonia was literally that.
Lovely converted barn in 700 acres of countryside. Loads for the boys to do outside from toasting 'damper bread' on the campfire (dough with chocolate in the middle) to playing in streams. We did a few short walks (still keeping up, just, but getting out of breath quite quickly), read the papers and lurched from one meal to the next.
Fee cooked an amazing traditional minestrone soup (will post the receipe when they get back) and Gaz as usual pulled out all the stops with a lamb roast. With no signal or tv there was plenty of chatting and general chilling out - bliss. As for the surroundings - just gorgeous - autumn colours, frosty with brilliant sunshine, amazing mountains.
As would be the case, Mav decided not to perform this weekend and on Saturday was as quiet as he/she has been for a while. Just as I had a captive audience ready to feel some movements. By Sunday he/she was back on form so Chloe and Hannah both got some good kicks. See below for picture of Mav at 27 weeks old with his cousin Kenzie:
I think that he may be facing my back and lying sideways since a strange bump keeps coming out rather than kicks, which is a bit uncomfortable and doesn't seem keen to go back in even when 'nudged' slightly. Think it may be a bum?
Mav also had his first go on a rope swing, hours of fun and dizziness. Slightly worried that he may have still been spinning in there for about an hour after I stopped...?

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  1. omg it huge nelly your tummy from the last i have seen of u has gone from a nicley shape small tummy to a huge beack ball under there.
    i know it is not what you wanna hear but someone has to tell you!
    lots of love and hope to see u soon Kendal x


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