Friday, 8 October 2010

Broken again...

So the old laptop has broken again. V.irritating. Something about wireless Internet connection? So again using the iPhone.
We stayed in a hotel in leeds last night as gaz out with work. Was planning a lie in till at least seven and a good nights sleep but that was not to be. As I checked in I asked the girl on reception to leave a key for gaz to pick up but she had obviously finished by the time gaz rocked up at 2am. Unfortunately his 'claim' to need a key was not wholly believed which meant I was woken by a polite voice, "madam, can I confirm that you have a gentleman to visit your room". I laughed and said it must be my husband to which he replied, "very well" clearly not believing me. Instead of a hot blonde gaz found a knackered fat ginger preggers girl with roots. Unlucky.

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