Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Mav gets his/her first toy whilst Nelly gets grouchy!

I've been grouchy today. Which, according to G Kisby, is o.k since it is a rarity and not the norm. For the first time I have complained about feeling fat and sluggish and winged about not being able to get comfy. I'm sure it is just a blip not helped by 2 long days in work and lots going on.

On a much more positive note, Mav received a gift from his/her Granny on Sunday, which is the very first toy we have had in the house. It is a little bird which squeeks when it bounces. It is very cute, although I still find it a little alarming when I notice it on the dressing table. Are we really about to have toys lying around the place?
We have been excited talking about our new baby this week. G Kisb is fascinated by us not knowing what he/she will look like whilst I realised that we would have a little warm bundle to hold and love and look after. Surprisingly something I hadn't really thought about previously. Mav has had a move around and is now lying vertically, not sure if head down or legs. Either way, with his new size, this is not particularly comfy. A hard foot or elbow keeps popping out above my belly button and today, when he did a particularly big kick, I swear a small amount of wee came out without me having any control of my own bladder. Not a good sign. I have upped my pelvic exercises to twice a day since Fee tells me this is just the start.

We go to our first NCT class tomorrow. Gaz suggested we needed to prepare physically and mentally. He had a point, I had fully planned to dig out the address 10 mins before we were due to be there. Unfortunately we have no idea of the topics or themes of the meetings (which G Kisby is keen to know in order that we formulate / agree our opinions). 
I am worried that my 'in denial' / beauty is pain / 'birth, what birth?' approach is neither widely shared nor encouraged. We have agreed to chat in the car about what I need to not say in order that we retain some credibility as future parents.  
In the meantime G Kisby's main worry was what he should wear. One option was work clothes (pretend to be a high flying business man) - we decided 'the Chill' would undermine this approach. I can't believe we are even having this conversation!!!

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