Thursday, 2 December 2010

No josticks jokes allowed...

That includes you G Kisby.

This week our 'Hypnobirthing' book and CD arrived. We couldn't decide between hypnobirthing and nct classes earlier on in our pregnancy. Both were similarly expensive and had mixed reviews. However, because it was our first baby, and therefore we were looking for more than just 'birthing' classes (i.e something on breastfeeding, chance to meet other couples etc) we went for NCT, which I think was the right thing to do.

Anyhow, I did then order the hypnobirthing book instead, since a friend of ours Kirsty swears by it and had all 3 of her children very quickly with the aid of a  mere paracetamol. You can see why I was interested...

I am reading the book and G Kisby is receiving snippets and commentary. Notably during a very dull Liverpool match tonight, can't quite believe we are now having a conversation during such an event.
The book is good and easy to read. The premise is based around the fact that fear, in its very nature, increases pain. That birth is a completely natural process which can be achieved without the need for medical intervention in most cases. And that using the power of the mind you can achieve a completely natural, calm and relaxed birth.
Lots of it makes complete sense and there is a good mix of practical advice (questions to ask when visiting the hospital or making the decision on where to have your baby) alongside breathing and relaxation exercises. I do completely buy in to the idea of mind over matter, remaining in control and using the power of positive thought to visualise the outcome you want.
I'm only half way through so will keep reading and add a further update, so far so good.

If nothing else, as a result of both NCT and the book I'm not feeling scared about labour anymore. I have had such a healthy and straightforward pregnancy so far I have no reason to worry. And if it doesn't go to plan then ultimately we have choices and know our options. But rather than focus on what could go wrong - we are going to focus on what we want to happen and keep using positive language.
The main feeling I have about the whole thing is excitement - we can't wait to meet our new baby!

Oh, and to celebrate we are having a 'coming out party' for Mav on the day when my labour starts. So far for the event we have:
a) One of my favourite foods - cereal with full fat jersey cream milk
b) One of Gazs favourite foods - smoked salmon and scrambled egg
c) Mad men series 4 - both of our favourite tv programmes of recent times, new series
d) Maltesers - the lighter way to enjoy chocolate

We have also agreed that humour is much needed during the process so have started a labour playlist which currently includes:
"Stand and deliver" - Adam Ant
"Push it" - Salt and Pepper
"Born free" - not sure who that is by
All suggestions welcome (although Fee - 'Ring of fire' by Johnny Cash takes it too far) x

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