Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas arrives in the Hudd!

After 3 days working from home trapped inside we finally left the house today since we had a days holiday.

Our plans for a lovely afternoon of Christmas shopping in York followed by a meal out were slightly scuppered by the weather so instead we did a weekly shop at Asda followed by a couple of hours in Leeds. Not quite as glamourous or as fun.
However, we did manage to get a few bits and a hot chocolate before returning to the safety of our nest.

On our way home we stopped at a garden centre and got a tree. Yes I know it is slightly early but we are both big fans of Christmas and since we will spend most of Christmas week with family Bryce-Clegg we want to have as long as possible with our new purchase.
G Kisby quickly sprang into action with the mulled fruit punch, Christmas music and decorations out of the loft. We have hung up our stockings, recognising the fact that next year we'll need 3! Also acknowledging that next year we'll have a toddler and therefore probably won't be able to have a tree freestanding in the bay window. Ah the highs and lows. We then had a lovely hour or so lighting candles and writing cards until it came to putting the tree up...

Unfortunately the tree stand has a spike to hold it up. Our tree has no hole for a spike.
For the last hour or so G Kisby has been trying to drill (we have a couple of snapped bits), chisel and hammer the tree into its slot. Funny at first, not so now. In fact he wouldn't even pose for photo for the blog. The hoover is on standby, I have brought through a pint of ale to try and calm the situation. Currently we are using old beer bottles to try and wedge the tree into its stand? Hmmm not sure about that but I don't think now is a good time to comment. Oh no, the jumper has now come off and it has gone quiet. Nope...the drill is back out.
Maybe I stop blogging and offer some more moral support...

Poor Gaz - joy of Christmas has been put on hold.

P.s For the record I have managed to get a picture...

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