Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Mav's First Christmas!

We absolutely love Christmas! Technically this wasn't Mav's first Christmas since his food options have been limited, he didn't get to play with any toys and has had to entertain himself largely. But in terms of being alive in the world, it was Mav's first Christmas. He did also receive a lovely kitsch knitted dog from family Bryce-Clegg and Mum bought him the wool for his first blanket so in terms of gifts, for an unborn child, he did pretty well.

We had a slightly alternative Christmas eve because we weren't able to do our normal cheese and bread buffet selection (harsh on me having cheddar 3 ways) and G Kisby didn't think he could down a bottle of champagne. Instead I had a lovely gin and tonic (G Kisby makes a great one) and some M&S hot party food.
We then had a gorgeous Christmas day morning (unfortunately did wake at 6 with the excitement) with hot blueberry and yoghurt pancakes. I received some fab gifts from G Kisby including a great craft book, some rum (it's been a craving), Accessorize slippers and an over shoulder brown leather bag. Mmmmm.

Our day was then spent at Cabbage Hall with all our family - great food, pass the parcel and more gifts. We have since moved into Fee & Al's for the week so headed back there at about 7pm. Mum too which is just lovely since in previous years we have only seen her for short periods.

I did feel slightly sick on Xmas day night and had to go to bed early. I think it was just all the rich food and tiredness since the next morning I felt absolutely fine.

Since then we have pretty much eaten (ham, egg and chips on boxing day - oh yes), knitted (Mum and I are making a blanket for Mav together), watched t.v and played games. Literally not leaving the house for days - so lovely and relaxing.

We may go back to the Hudd tomorrow so today cracked on with making some bunting and a peg for Mav's bedroom. We have gone for corals / light greens and greys since we obviously don't know if Mav is a boy or a girl yet.

Ah Christmas - just too much fun!

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