Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas take two!

Today we headed out to see the birthing centre at Huddersfield for a tour. Unfortunately there were too many babies being born so we had to re-arrange for another date! We did however nip to our second home B&Q and buy paint for both the baby room and hall. Horrendously busy but we did get sorted. We also visited another large supermarket chain in a bid to find some pure rasperry leaf tea. Apparently it is known to be good for toning those all important muscles you use during labour but you have to drink a decent amount at least 6 weeks before to have any effect. Needless to say I
managed to get some flavoured tea but nothing pure enough. Think I'll need a visit to Neals Yard
in Leeds on Monday. Upon our return home we then continued to launch Christmas at Bourn View Heights. We tested out the mistletoe with Mav starting to make me look rotund at 33 weeks. G Kisby absolutely loves Christmas and had to
be reigned in when he asked the question, "can you ever have too many fairy lights?" As promised above you can see Gaz getting frustrated with the tree. On the other hand here he is on the left feeling very pleased with his now upright tree (we bought another stand). He is seriously excited about introducing Mav to Christmas...

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