Monday, 6 December 2010

Bravo bravissimo!

Today I made my way into Leeds on my lunch to try and resolve my bra issues. When I hoike up my current one to keep my bosoms at a reasonable level, the band at the back ends up rising and digging in. It also gave me a bit of much needed exercise, since aside from a brisk Sunday walk with G Kisby yesterday we haven't been swimming due to snow.

Our NCT lady recommended Bravisimo and said that for a nursing bra I should be getting one around 34 weeks (so that near enough that they won't grow any more prior to when the milk comes in - apparently!)

Anyway, 33 weeks and 3 days worked for me so in I went. The service was really good. The shop felt lovely and welcoming and every person I spoke to made me feel completely at ease. I would definitely recommend it for any ladies with a larger bosom searching for the right size bra -pregnant or otherwise. It was the first time I had been properly fitted and my god does it make a difference. Not just with hoisting these bad boys up but with comfort and appearance under clothes also. The lovely sales assistant has left some 'space in the cup' for milk arrival (can they seriously get any bigger?) and ensured that there are plenty of hooks left at the back to move it in once my ribs return to their usual position. Clearly that is all they sell and all they do, so the expertise is definitely there.
The only down side is the appearance. Now G Kisby assures me they aren't as bad as I say, and to be fair they are quite simple and unoffensive, but for £28 a piece I was just hoping for a little more. The conversation went,
"Oooh yes this feels really comfortable, really supportive, and I will take your word for it and not be alarmed that it is a 32E"
"Great, well it comes in a couple of colours"
"Colours you say, I'm thinking more styles, can you bring me a few to see, you choose"
"Er not really, with nursing bras you don't have a huge number of options"
"O.k well what do you have in more of a balcony style? And I'm thinking less fabric, perhaps a polka dot or a less 'mum' like look?"
"Er, we have black, cream or sugar pink"
"Really? No others I can see, are you sure?"
"Er yeah unfortunately. The light pink one is nice..."
"Definitely nothing?"
"No. I can show you them in the brochure if you like"
"O.k, but just so I'm clear, they are exactly the same as this one?"
"I'll take black and ivory"
It's not even so much the fabric, it is a basic cotton bra with some black lace. It's the way they look all big and tucked in that bothers me. I'm used to Fern Cotton, I'm moving towards Fern Britton. They also said to keep the tags on and bring them back if I changed my mind or if they weren't as comfy in a few weeks and they could re-measure me. What worries me most is that I then actually uttered the words to Gaz, "I could wait until Mav is born and see, but I think I'll keep them anyway, you see they are just so comfy..."
On no!!!

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