Thursday, 30 December 2010

More purchases...

We are back on the path to parenthood. After 5 days of doing nothing but hanging out with our favourite people, eating stodge and chocolate and generally relaxing, despite being no-where near having a nursery ready, we are now back on track.

The pelvic 'floor' (yes that's right Fee, I actually did think it was a 'flaw') exercises are back in full swing, perineal massage has restarted (less than comfortable I find - seriously this area is going to need to stretch?) and I am back on the fruit / veg and high fibre.

I awoke this morning early thinking it was a work day and wanting to check the alarm was set. Think it was because we were back in our own house after our lovely Xmas jaunt. I then had really restless sleep with vivid work dreams, the absolute classic ones about forgetting to tell someone something / not having time to get things finished. Don't think it will really hit me that I am now finished for maternity leave until Gaz does get up to go to work next Tuesday. I will then no doubt have a second mini crisis.

We also made a couple more purchases for Mav - he/she now has a bouncer and a changing mat. We even hovered around the baby aisle in Asda tonight around the old wipes and creams but decided that this was a step too far, and Gaz made the valid comment, "we don't know what on earth we need, we need to look into it", which actually means, "lets see how it pans out" - fair enough.
I invested in some breast pad things (they look attractive) and some maternity sanitary towels. I may be willing to go into this unprepared but I don't want to lose any more of my dignity by having to ask for an NHS adult nappy contraption. I have tried to avoid thinking about why they need to be so dam thick.
We had a lovely trip over to Nottingham to see our friends Phil and Claire who have just had their third baby 8 weeks ago (very small and very cute) and on the way back we stopped by Mamas and Papas outlet store for a quick browse. Here I bought a reasonably nice jersey striped nighty for the whole birthing event. I am guessing that sweat pants are a little inpractical when trying to push out a baby but I would rather be wearing something than having my new heavy boobs flopping all over the place. The link below is good for summarising what you need to take, so really, I practically have a bag ready now, which I think is a major step forward!?!

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